WE'RE DeepMirror
Live the Dream to Reality

We are advancing the state-of-the-art in spatial INTELLIGENCE.

What’s Next

MirrorVerse, the first urban-level mirror world, is coming soon. Relying on DeepMirror's core technologies, MirrorVerse will take the lead in industries such as commercial space, entertainment and transportation industry.

MirrorVerse,our spatial intelligence platform ,will become one of the most challenging but indispensable infrastructures in the era of 5G+AI+XR,ultimately revolutionizing people’s lives in social,entertainment as well as many other fields.

Our core Team

more info about our core team. more info about our core team. more info about our core team.
Harry Hu
  • Ex-COO and acting CFO of Pony.ai
  • Ex-CFO of QKM Robotics
  • Master from MIT
Jiabei Lei
  • Ex-Google X & Google Lens Tech Lead
  • 2004 NOI winter camp
  • Bachelor from Peking University
Zichao Qi
Chief Architect
  • Ex-Pony.ai Tech Lead
  • 2009 Google Code Jam Top 2 , IOI 2009 Gold Medal
  • Master from MIT
Yizi Wu
  • Ex-Google X & Google Lens Tech Lead
  • Master from Zhejiang University
Qifeng Chen
  • 2011 ACM-ICPC World Final Top 2
  • IOI 2007 Gold Medal
  • PhD from Stanford University
Will Wu
  • 2013 ACM-ICPC World Final
  • IOI 2010 Silver Medal
  • PhD from University of California, Berkeley
Sky Lin
  • Expert in user experience & gaming industry
  • Product advisor to NIO, ZEALER and other hi-tech companies
Christina Cao
  • Ex-Pony.ai Marketing Director
  • Master from City University of Hong Kong


DeepMirror is looking for world-class talents eager to become part of the world presenter, world builder and world simulator.

We offer competitive rewards, equal promotion opportunities and the access to the most cutting-edge technology towards spatial intelligence.

Join and thrive with us towards an immeasurable future at careers@deepmirror.com.

JOB TITLE:                            Tech Lead Manager 

JOB DESCRIPTION:             Analyze and use the collected spatial data inDeepMirror to digitize the real world as a virtual parallel world at scale,which is the foundation work of the augmented reality (AR) games/applications;Develop the core infrastructures/algorithms/techniques of the designed servicesand systems for the digital world, including but not limited to the spatialcloud, the perception and fusion system, and the spatial information system;Keep DeepMirror online services reliable, and optimize the infrastructure costof the services and architectures; Write quality code using programminglanguages like Java, Go, C++, C, and Python. Skills in Distributed System,Machine Learning, Spatial Database, and Virtual Reality are required.

JOB REQUIREMENT:       Master’s degree in Computer Science 

JOBSITE & INTERVIEW:    Santa Clara, CA  

Please send your resume to careers@deepmirror.com